visual aids

Often, it is not enough for me to simply vent my spleen either on WordPress or on my typewriter. Occasionally, I am driven to expression through splashing bright colours onto pieces of stretched canvas. Often, this results in all of my items of clothing being covered in paint. Occasionally I end up with something I quite like, and my housemates have to deal with being on the wall.

And now, dear readers, you too get to share their joy!

The floozy and I as little old ladies.

Okay….no, sorry, not that one.

‘Tree’ for Strawberry, hanging in our green hallway,  2010

‘Ziggy Star-Gnome: UK,’ in the collection of the floozy, 2010

‘Papa Smurfy Gnome: France,’ in the collection of the floozy,  2010

‘Mr. Incredi-Gnome: India,’ in the collection of the floozy, 2010

‘Captain Gnomebeard: USA,’ in the collection of the floozy, 2010

‘Not Fruit,’ hanging in my mother’s house,  2009

Cupcake for Grasshopper,  2009

‘Depressed Men,’ series of four, hanging on my bedroom walls, 2009

Purple, White and Red on Black, (empty glasses and Tanzanian chessboard not related) also in Grasshopper’s collection,  2009

This one doesn’t actually exist anymore. The canvas it’s on has undergone a number of changeovers, and it’s currently a black canvas with some green smoodges on it, awaiting my inspiration.

Chillis, hanging in our kitchen (you can tell I didn’t bother to take any of these down to photograph them, my Masters supervisor would be horrified),  2009

Purple and Red on White, in our hallway, 2009

Series of miniatures: Magritte, Munch, Miro, Nolan

Minus Depressed Men, in our alcove,  2010

Blue on White, for my dad’s birthday, 2010

An ill-gotten flamingo, in our alcove, 2010


One Response to “visual aids”

  1. James July 1, 2010 at 19:03 #

    Hi there. I’ve just moved house and the artwork up there ^^^ is awesome. Is there any way of getting hold of it?

    Many thanks,


    (btw – I came across your site with a link from the Rhino plugin – Grasshopper – but I’m still not sure why!)

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