You may or may not have noticed that I tend to use song lyrics as my entry titles. This is mostly because I’m shit at thinking of titles. It’s also usually the song that is playing as I start or finish an entry. Here’s the list of all the song titles I have used in my blog, with most recent first.

15/02/10 Laura Marling ‘My Manic and I’

11/02/10 Laura Marling ‘The Captain and the Hourglass’

03/01/10 Josh Pyke ‘Eat Me Alive’

31/12/09 David Bowie ‘Young Americans’

24/12/09 Josh Pyke ‘That Summer’

16/12/09 Washington ‘How To Tame Lions’

4/12/09 Aladdin and Jasmine ‘A Whole New World’

27/11/09 K-Os ‘I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman’

19/11/09 Laura Marling ‘Tap At My Window’

8/11/09 Toto ‘Africa’

5/11/09 The Mighty Boosh ‘Theme’

1/11/09 Birds of Tokyo ‘Black Sheets’

24/10/09 Tegan and Sara ‘Hell’

17/10/09 Philadelphia Grand Jury ‘The Good News’

11/10/09 Metric ‘Gimme Sympathy’

6/10/09 Art Vs Science ‘Parlez Vous Francais?’

28/09/09 Laura Marling ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’

25/09/09 Mumford and Sons ‘Little Lion Man’

16/09/09 The Big Pink, ‘Dominos’

11/09/09 British India ‘Vanilla’

06/09/09 Weezer ‘If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)’

03/09/09 Washington ‘Cement’

29/08/09 TV on the Radio ‘Wolf Like Me’

26/08/09 Radiohead ‘No Surprises’

23/08/09 Cold War Kids ‘We Used to Vacation’

20/08/09 Josh Pyke ‘Our House Breathing’

13/08/09 Lisa Mitchell ‘Neopolitan Dreams’

05/08/09 Eskimo Joe ‘Inshalla’

31/07/09 The Beatles ‘Blackbird’

25/07/09 Bliss n Eso ‘Eye of the Storm’

23/07/2009 Florence and the Machine ‘Kiss with a Fist’

19/07/2009 Children Collide ‘We Are Amphibious’

15/07/2009 Jamie T ‘Sticks and Stones’

11/07/2009 Radiohead ‘Creep’

09/07/2009 The Beatles, ‘Hey Jude’

06/07/2009 Daniel Merriweather, ‘Chainsaw’

01/07/2009 Kaiser Chiefs, ‘Boxing Champ’

28/06/2009 Jamie Liddell, ‘Multiply’

25/06/2009 Hungry Kids of Hungary, ‘Scattered Diamonds’

03/06/2009 Laura Marling, ‘Ghosts’

25/05/2009 Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Soul Meets Body’

21/05/2009 Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Transatlanticism’

18/05/2009 The Basics ‘With This Ship’

03/05/2009 Laura Marling ‘Ghosts’

01/05/2009 Emiliana Torrini, ‘Big Jumps’

12/04/2009 British India ‘God Is Dead, Meet the Kids’

08/04/2009 Chairlift ‘Bruises’

05/04/2009 Jack Johnson ‘Cocoon’

01/04/2009 Emiliana Torrini, ‘Heartstopper’

30/03/2009 Paul Kelly, ‘Every Fucking City’


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